With a number of successful conglomerates, SAHSPL is India’s largest franchiser of Moti Mahal Deluxe Restaurant, along with many more glorious feathers to its cap. Besides operating its own food courts under the brand of Food Park, Its associated companies bagged the Master Franchise of Quiznos ( Toasted sandwich brand from US), Rita's Italian Ice ( Popular Ice custard dessert brand from US) & Muffin Break ( Premium Cafe Bakery from Australia). Alongside it is the largest franchiser of Subway and the master franchise holder of Nirula's, Rajdhani and Punjab Sweet Corner. It is also having a South Indian eatery under its belt named as Dosa Hut as its own brand. It’s also highly competent in managing and running tea lounges of one of the largest tea companies of Gujarat – Wagh Bakri Tea. SAHSPL has got a presence across nation (PAN India) with 54 operational restaurants and food courts, serving more than 8,500 customers every day.

Respect for all cultures

Menu at all the food joints administered by SAHSPL comprises vegetarian and non-vegetarian selections, to suit the Indian taste buds. Offering of beef or pork items are not encouraged here. Only the freshest chicken, fish and veggies find their way into the restaurants.


Retrenching on quality is not what SAHSPL abides by. Hence, it approaches the best of local suppliers for premium quality ingredients. Complete adherence to the Indian Government regulations on food, health and hygiene is ensured, while maintaining their own set of recognized international standards. The hallmark – Quality is priority, sets things right for SAHSPL.


SAHSPL endeavours to be the largest and most profitable restaurant management company in India. It aspires to grow along with its brands namely Quiznos, Moti Mahal Delux, Nirula's, Rajdhani, Punjab Sweet Corner, Dosa Hut, Wagh Bakri Tea Lounge and Food Park. Its associate companies will also do an agrresive expansion of Quiznos, Muffin Break & Rita's all over the country. It also looks forward to adding more brands of national and international fame to its repository and aim of having a fruitful, long & mutually beneficial alliance with all its associates.


SAHSPL visualizes of being India's first-rated Quick Service Restaurant (QSR) management company. To provide an exceptional experience, it treads on a path paved out of principles and core values:

• Devise the best package strategy and plans for the brands - It is an SAHSPL ideology that the clients / customers should get best package strategy and plans for their brands. It also tries to maintain their standards, so that the future run is favourable.

• Deliver Services in style – Offering every service in style and in tandem with the latest international and national trends, news, best practices & statistics, is the underlined score of SAHSPL. Serving customers with quality products and a smile, in a pleasant environment, is an unflinching ideology of this hospitality enterprise.

• Understanding the importance of strategy & execution - According to the corporate client / customer, the understanding of strategy and execution is of high importance. It becomes priority, as they come with high expectations. So, exceeding the customers' needs every time, with a collaborative management approach and respectful business philosophy is what this hospitality enterprise stands for.

• Understanding the needs and valuing the time and budget of the customers – With world-class services & benefits along with supreme quality food, SAHSPL values the precious time of the customers without a pull on their pocket.